Clementine Music Player - Is a modern music player and library organizer

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Clementine Music Player

Is a modern music player and library organizer



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Hello people welcome back I'm here again today let's talk about an open source application I found recently that change the way that I deal with music completely. We all know music is life don't get me wrong they have a lot of music player out I am also a fan of Aimp3 player and that is a really nice music player but what is the advantage of Clementine music player from other music player apps? Clementine music player is a multi-platform music handling powerhouse. The Clementine can give an authorize to change the position of the menu bar section and that is quite really nice.

Clementine is not very unique look department and is based off of another free and open source program. All the tracks on your playlist crossfade into each other the song info is nicely displayed for you including the little bios of the artists and lyrics. If your tracks don't have a cover don't worry amazon helps you to find the cover of your music tracks. So you have a hundred of songs or maybe even thousands of them that you want to organized and doing so can get pretty tricky but the Clementine Music Player allows you to easily edit tags on your mp3.

The Clementine playlist is really greats and easy to control you can also change the visualization of your playlist one of the best featured for this application is you can also search a music in the internet using the Clementine. Clementine is a free and open-source audio player. It is a port of Amarok. Clementine was created due to the transition from version 1.4 to version 2 of Amarok, and the shift of focus connected with it, which was criticized by many users. The first version of Clementine was released in February 2010.


Clementine Menus


Enter search terms above to find the music on your computer and on your internet.

5 Search.png


In the files menu you can see all of your files that you add into the Clementine the more the music to add the more you can see on your music files.

6 Files.png


Clementine can gives you a bunch of music library in the internet to find the music you want to listen or download.

7 Internet.png


I have a video tutorial before on this tutorial you can learn how to use the Clementine Music Player.

This is cool application my hunt today all of the screenshot that I used is personally capture to my Clementine Music Player. I hope you really like it. Thanks for dropping until next hunting. @toffer

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Hunter: @toffer

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