BeachBox - World's First Portable Shower & Storage Box

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World's First Portable Shower & Storage Box



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Price: $179.00

I've been seen a lot of outdoor portable shower and some of those I've already hunted but this I present to you the world's first portable shower and storage box.

Meet the BeachBox a very useful outdoor stuff perfect for outdoor lovers you can store 2 gallons of water enough to remove the dirt in your body after outdoor activities like swimming or camping. You can also store some important stuff inside of the box you can use this for so many things.

BeachBox Includes:

1x 2 Gal Insulated Hand Pump Tank (Holds Hot Water)
1x 7ft Durable Neoprene Hose
1 x Showering Wand and Holder
1x Non-Slip Changing Lid
2x Divider Slides
2x Mini Storage Tubs
1x Dry Box Lid
1x Dry Box Raised Plate


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It's an expensive portable shower box with a special idea. The idea is good, but I don't think I'll buy it because it's something that's stuck in the warehouse except for the summer season.

Yes, I could agree more that portable shower is very useful during the summer season.

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hahaha, the idea must have been born by someone taking luxury showering too seriously. why would we need the top of the box as a shower tile? and what about the shower head and all? take a bottle of water to function as reservoir and as shower head, and simply place your feet on the ground; a shower for not more than a few cents, rather than the 150+$ for this one.

I had no clue such a thing even existed. This looks cool. Take it out at the parking lot and start showering. Living out of a car is now a reality, or perhaps already was. I just didn't know about such showers.

this would be great to use for weekend camping music festivals. that way you dont end up smelling like a wook by the time the festival ends. great hunt @toffer! have a nice day

You are absolutely right to your statement.

No need to worry about dirty body and the third smell of traveling (camping). Unique innovation.

WoW this hot shower system looks very minimal in terms of how much space it takes up and it also means users can take a hot shower just about anywhere pretty cool. I really appreciate this simple approach towards creating an outdoor shower. Awesome Search

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, This is truly awesome and we will never miss taking Shower outdoor and as it is portable makes our camping, picnic fun and the best option for on the go.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Glad you like it.

This portable shower can be perfect for off road travellers and hitchhikers. Plus it requires no power which is actually pretty cool.
Great Hunt!!!

I have not actually seen such portable showers so it's interesting to discover a portable shower which is already useful in itself, but in this case it the product also allows you to store any other vitals. The BeachBox itself can store 2 gallons of water, yes even hot water! But I do wonder about the weight of such a box.

@toffer, what a cool hunt you have here. I love these portable shower facility for us when we go camping where we can wash up easily. Looks very convenient and easy to put in the car. Great hunt and a must to get for all campers.

I'm one of those guys who are very worried about personal hygiene. Few days without a shower/bath in some storms with no electricity had me driving nuts. So I really appreciating seeing this type of products getting Hunted.

You can carry the shower anywhere and it's easy and fast to setup. BeachBox is $179.00 and Shower Tank is $45.00 which provides a great value for those frequent travellers. Cool Hunt :)

You're right our personal hygiene is a top priority of this product because without showering after a couple of days is really funky smell.

Well recently I had some problems regarding the water effect on my skin as showered on a place where it seemed to have sth on water while this kind of portable shower can be a little more helpful in this kind of situation let alone in any kind of summer cap or sth like that. Cool hunt and the price looks not that much compared to what it is offering.

Great Hunt! This is really a great showered box for the summer season and will be helpful for travelers to use it on the go when they are going for outdoor adventures nice hunt

Those love to bath and swim in beach. This people easily choice this beach box .cause this are well modified with more facilities. Like portable and easy to carry all costume. Overall nice.

Nice thanks for the good feedback.

Yuhh wish ti have such one when I traveled to se last time! Will keep in my mind for next time!

Sounds good.

Innovative and fresh I must say. This comes in useful for most outdoor activities, most especially camping. Getting a mobile shower and storage box can help one survive comfortably outdoors for a longer duration of time. Impressive hunt!

wow @toffer again comes with an excellent hunt. Great gift for people who love outing and camping. Beachbox is portable, easy to move, use it anywhere, clean your dirt, quick shower, noprene hosing make it durable. My only concern is its price of $179. Hopefully Steem will go high once again so people like me may purchase it.

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Like the storage space & the non-slip changing lid. @toffer Can use this in the desert on desert safaris or when camping.