Airwheel SE3 - Smart Riding Suitcase

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Airwheel SE3

Smart Riding Suitcase


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Airwheel SE3 | Rideable Suitcase

Hi, for all travelers around the world luggage, backpack or suitcase is one of the most important they need to carry on for their important belongings and stuffs but what if they have a suitcase not just you carry on but also you can ride on. Yeah! that's right meet Airwheel SE3 a smart riding suitcase you can ride and scoot to your terminal using this suitcase you can just simply save your time and less of stress to carrying more bags and luggage's.

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The Airwheel SE3 is a combination of standard suitcase that's innovate for transportability so the users can never experience again to become a sweaty because of heavy bags. The Airwheel SE3 it has a three large wheels so the riders that allows to ride it on the body of the suitcase is made by aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame so the suitcase can support the external pressure.

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It also equipped a lithium battery easily removable and replaceable battery the suitcase have also a powerful wheels with specials treads and special grip performance. The wheels can possible overcome the various road and if the have a bad condition you can pull the handler and make the suitcase as a standard suitcase with handler.

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Powerful Wheel

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One Push Button

The Airwheel SE3 it can expand and contract automatically with one button-push and within a second your suitcase can transform into a robotics electronic scooter.

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Mobile Charging Station

The Airwheel SE3 have an external USB charging port so you can allow to charge your smartphone and tablet devices whenever and wherever you go.

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HD LED Display

For your safe and more interesting ride the Airwheel SE3 have also a LED display so you can see and monitor your speed, distance, gear including the following.

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  • Back light adjustment
  • Fault Alarm
  • Voltage Display
  • Single Mileage
  • Total Mileage
  • Electronic brake

Smartphone App

Yes except with the LED display the Airwheel SE3 smart suitcase have a smartphone app so you have a capability to see the information display riding speed, distance, gears and other data for the safeness of your suitcase.

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The Airwheel SE3 with the capacity of 29.3L big volume and max load of 90 kg a reasonable partition.

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Multiple choices for you.

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Additional Features

Wait what is more Airwheel SE3 has a Bluetooth speaker built-in so you can your smartphone and play a music while waiting for your flight that is really amazing right.


Price: $649

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Airwheel SE3 Best Features (Review Recap):

⚉ Airwheel SE3 smart riding suitcase.
⚉ Airwheel SE3 has a Bluetooth speaker built-in.
⚉ With a smartphone app so you can monitor all information and data.
⚉ The Airwheel SE3 have an external USB charging port.
⚉ With a lithium battery easily removable and replaceable battery.

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Is this Airwheel SE3 is amazing Smart Riding Suitcase? please share your thought leave a comment of your review and don't forget to Upvote my SteemHunt post. I hope you really like it. Thanks for dropping by until next hunting. @toffer


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Hunter: @toffer

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