Unbabel Translation API - AI + Human Translation

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Unbabel Translation API

AI + Human Translation




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What is it?

The Unbabel translation API uses a combination of machine powered translation with human approval to ensure that AI-powered translations are of the highest quality.

How does it work?

Firstly all you need to do is make a request to their API with the text which you wish to be translated, from there your text will automatically be translated using machine translation, following this it will be passed to the community. The community will proofread following this the community will edit the content to ensure it's of the highest quality. Your translations will also be checked against a pre-configured list of industry and business dictionaries to ensure that the translations are personalised both your brand and your industry and words which shouldn't be translated won't be. The below image can be used to understand this further.


Source: Unbabel

What languages does it support?

As they don't provide an exact figure, I would recommend checking out their language pages for more details, but I can tell you that the support at least for "English to" and "English from" is great.


How long does it take to translate?

"In our most popular language pairs, you can expect human-quality translations to take less than 10 minutes. Across all of them, we deliver translated customer service tickets and case answers in under 60 minutes."

Source: Unbabel Speed

Although I know that machine translation is instant these days, I'd say the small delay which you receive in using this API is worth the wait for the quality you will receive and although this might not work for a real-time use case, you could easily see how you could use this for language strings for your application, your companies support agents or your help centre. From my experience in conducting testing on multiple different machine translation APIs, I can tell you that the quality of machine translation is not something you would want to provide to your customers, at least in complex domains.

So how much does it cost?

Their pricing is custom to each of their customers, so if you're interested you'll need to contact them to find out more. Here is a small quote from their website surrounding pricing:

"We don’t charge per language, per word or per user — but rather by content type and volume. We believe pricing should reflect what you need, whether it’s multilingual customer service tickets and FAQs, localised product listings, video subtitles, or something else."

Source: Unbabel Pricing

Would I recommend it?

This is a product that I plan to use in the short future, what do I mean by this? This particular product is on my companies roadmap and due to be implemented later in the year. So with that said, the experience I can provide is based on my research both in how this could be integrated and my experiences with the company themselves.

I would say this particular product is more focused on B2B rather than smaller individual users, you can see this in their custom pricing, however I believe this particular product is perfect if you're looking to expand your application in multiple different territories and for a company the cost of this will be easily offset by the cost to employ multiple staff competent in your required languages.

Personally, if you have the use case and the pricing suits your needs I would say yes, based on my research and discussion with Unbabel the pricing is fair for what you recieve. At the moment I don't know of any other companies who are doing this and offer such a seamless integration for quality translations.




Hunter: @tobias-g


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  • It's been trusted by big and known companies, this is definitely very useful
  • It combines the AI + human translation api. This is a unique one since others are dependent only on the standard translation format
  • It can translate your content seamlessly
  • AI assisted guidance ensures translation quality and speed in every step
  • Human quality is enforced by skilled professionals before delivery. This is to really ensure that the quality is really good. :)


  • I can't see any cons at the moment since this is very useful translation API. ;)

Great hunt! Congrats! :)


  • Possibility of requesting a demo
  • High quality translations
  • Large number of publishers.
  • Possibility of earning money as a translator
  • Variety of available languages
  • Accurate translations that take less than 10 minutes
  • Great customer service with.
  • Prices appropriate to the customer's need.


  • I do not observe any against


  • Opportunity to learn some money as a freelance translator (or as a multilingual individual)
  • Opportunity to connect with other editors in the Unbabel community
  • Access projects in real time without having to submit proposals


  • Paid tasks can be few and far between, depending on languages chosen.

Pros :

  • Translation will be done so easily
  • Have good respond in public
  • Having oppurtunity connect with other editors in the Unbabel community
  • Less price
  • Different languages are available

Cons :

No cons for this

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