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Xbox Adaptive Controller

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As every avid gamer knows, game controllers can often cause a lot of trouble and stress. Especially for those with disabilities, gaming experience can be truly unpleasant to the point they quit playing.

Microsoft is about to change all that. How you ask? Well, they have come up with the Adaptive Controller that is especially designed for those with disabilities. With the Adaptive Controller you can connect any kind of external device you can imagine (such as switches and buttons) in order to create your own personalized gaming experience. This way Microsoft literally gives you the freedom to game your way in the amazing virtual world of video games!

The good news don't stop here though! As the project's program manager, Evelyn Thomas, told GameSpot, he plans to go a step further and make it available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch as well.

We'll work with other providers to figure out how we can make this work on other platforms. I want this to work on Sony, I want this to work on Nintendo. I want it to work everywhere, because the gamer wins when that happens, he says.

Last but not least, Microsoft has announced that they have started accepting pre-orders already for its new $99.99 Xbox Adaptive Controller, with orders expected to ship in September. So, what are you waiting for? Game your way!!!!



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An amazing hunt, finally people with disabilities can also enjoy what normal gamers do.


  • The best thing is it's about for disabled people
  • Hope that it will also integrate with other consoles in the future
  • Has a unique design and I hope people with disabilities won't have trouble using it


  • A bit pricey but if it's worth it for people who will smile and have fun playing

Thank you so much for the awesome and constructive comment :)


  • Well done
  • I really enjoy the size of the product
  • The idea behind this is really well spend time


  • Limited target group

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wonder if they got a similar idea from steams controller with the circular pads

That's a great question, mate. I don't know but I will check it out

either way, its good they've created something finally.. so more can enjoy gaming... can see other companies adopting similar ideas and creating alternatuives.

Thats really nice of Xbox to make a controller for the handicapped.

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Pros :

  • It is designed to meet the needs of gamers who has less mobility
  • It works with many several devices wherein you can connect external devies and even create some custom controllers
  • It can help strong partnership between the gamer community
  • You can easily customized your gaming experience

Cons :

  • A bit expensive with the price $99.99, but i think its worth it

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Thank you :)))))

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Wha a hunt! A controller designed for those with disabilities; it is really amazing

Thank you :)


  • I would enjoy to have this at home :D
  • I really enjoy the size of the product
  • I like the idea of the product


  • I can't say anything bad about it


  • It is made from a very trusted corporation, Microsoft
  • It will be a plus for the disabled persons
  • It can connect to any external device that you can think of
  • It is planned to be available on Playstation and Nintendo Switch


  • None I can think of since this is really a plus but the price is really pretty of an issue

They deserve congratulations for this controller making. If they really care about people with disabilities they should sell it a logical price too !

99 dollars (around 86-87 Euros) ain't that bad for all it offers. I think the price is very logical!

It's 10 years since I last had a console. So I don't know anything about prices in this field. As a number, 99 dollars , for me doesn't sound logical as doesn't sound logical the 400 dollars for a console.. But this is only my point of view.

Will Obamacare cover the cost?

Πρωτότυπο! Φοβερό είναι!

Θενξ Νικο :)

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