Webots R2019a - Design, program, and model complex robotic setups

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Webots R2019a

Design, program, and model complex robotic setups



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The webots software was developed in order to provide an appropriate environment for developers to achieve their goals. Webot’s main purpose can be seen in the simulation of mobile robots. A skilled programmer can use it to program, model, and design complex robotic setups. With the way the software is designed, components of the object such as shape, mass, friction, color, and texture are chosen solely by the developer.

The robot controllers can be programmed with the built-in IDE or with third-party development environments. The robot behavior can be tested in physically realistic worlds. The controller programs can optionally be transferred to commercially available real robots.




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Do you know what?
Many times, developers are prevented from achieving their purposes. I like the fact there's a help for them.
I find this hunt very interesting and useful


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