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Wearable Development Platform Watch



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watchX is a new type of innovative wearable device. With sophisticated instrument in it,you can deploy programme in it and cutomize the watch, making your own smart watch.

Main feature:

  • Customized programming

watchX is compatible in Arduino / Scratch, which is a firmware for new-beginners. And you can also download the official pack or the mods from other developer.

  • Bluetooh Connectivity

You can connect watchX to other devices like smartphone and even another watchX. By using you tailor-made programme, you can develop tha apps to manage watchX for personal experience.

  • Versatile instrument

With 130mAh battery, watchX can support wide range of sophisticated instrument like temperature sensor, buzzer, pressure sensor to fulfill the needs of all user.


I think watchX can be regard as a watch for new generation since it can be customized with your own watch, just like u DIY your own watch. The price is also affordable($79 usd).



Hunter: @tinytaruen

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It's great to see a great hunt from you and this is my opinion about your hunt


  • An affordable price
  • Cool design
  • And with versatile features like 130mAh battery, watchX which can support various advanced instruments like temperature sensor, buzzer, pressure sensor make this product very cool and great


  • None for this hunt, but this is really cool.

This is the value I give to your hunt


  • can customize with my own program
  • have multi functions
  • not very expensive
  • cool design


  • many similar products

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