Nature Remo - Smart Air-conditioner for a Comfortable Life

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Nature Remo

Smart Air-conditioner for a Comfortable Life



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Nature Remo is a electrical device that transforms any air conditioner into a smart air conditioner. You can control the air-con in the app for a better usage in managing the air-con.

Main feature:

  • Compatible

With sophisticated chips inside, Nature Remo can control the temperature of any air-conditioner with a IR remote control, which can cover most commercial air-conditioner.

  • Convenient

You can control the air-conditioner in anywhere with your apps in smartphone, you preheat or precool the house more easily.

  • Energy saving

Nature Remo can record the energy usage of your air-conditioner, and you can switch it to saving mode so that you less electric than before!


I think Nature Remo is a nice innovative device that can help you to manage the air-conditioner more easily. The price is also attractive (USD 65).



Hunter: @tinytaruen

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looks to be a great product but i don't seem to be able to purchase or get the right amount of money needed in anything apart from japanese, because of this -- not being a global purchasable product i've had to hide this hunt.

we do look forward to all your others however.

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the product is in the indiegogo with the following link...
and the official website is just japanese, but there is a English indiegogo website:)
So I have changed the link into the indiegogo link :)

yeah, i'm afraid that's quite the OLD product, it was funded in 191% funded on June 22, 2016. ... so this stays hidden i'm afraid because age of the product..

In the hot summer months this seems like it would be great to have. I can never find the right balance between too hot and too cold.

  • Can control all different types of Air conditioners
  • Energy saving function.
  • Cheap (Only $65)


  • Not much info on how it works, just advertising clips.

Overall good hunt, might loo into purchasing one of these