DoggoRamps - Innovative versatile small dog bed ramp

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Innovative versatile small dog bed ramp





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DoggoRamps is an new type of doggo ramp, so that small dogs can go and get off the bed easily and safely.

Main Feature:

  • Adjustable

DoggoRamps can adjust the angle of the ramps(from 3 to 37 degree), which can accommodate the height of the most commerical bed.

  • Foldable

When not in use,the whole DoggoRamps can be folded to a flat board, which can be placed under the bed and save space.

  • Safe

DoggoRamps can withstand up to 30 lbs dogs or cat, with the safely railing and safety rope, DoggoRamps can prevent the falling of the ramp and injure your pets.

  • Reversible Railings

You can change of the direction of the ramp form left to right,, and vice versa, which can be accommodate to your home environment.

I think DoggoRamps is a very creative gadget that can help your pets to get to your bed safely and systematically. Hope that the price can be more affordable and looking forward to the product commercialized.



Hunter: @tinytaruen

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Perfect Hunt @tinytaruen

Best Ramp For Your Lovely Dog


  • Idea / Innovation
    For dog lovers, surely we want to make our beloved pet stay fit and happy. DoggoRamps responds to those needs well.

  • Design / UI / Spec
    The design is Foldable, Lightweight, but still strong. This can be stored anywhere.

  • Features / Benefits / Benefits
    Dogs can play freely. The game can also be customized according to our wishes. The material is safe, and Eco-Friendly.

  • Price
    $ 211, maybe this is quite expensive, but still worth buying.

Nothing. It's one of the perfect products.

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  • It is a good tool that make the dog safe
  • Protect our pet
  • Easy to set up and east to install
  • It is not heavy


  • None for this hunt

Wow! It's a really safe and quirky idea! Support with 100% voting!!>-<


  • good for dogs and people have dogs
  • Multi function and useful
  • Good for people with small spaces in their houses
  • Creative


  • concern about the price

So cute. At times it feels like I need my own ramp very soon. Age is kicking in!

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