Bio-Seal - Protect your skin

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Protect your skin


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This device helps to dry suits and skin. It helps to prevent water leakage around the neck and wrist areas.

It is latex free and can be used by those who are probed to neck rashes. It works as an antioxidant.

Rinse the Bio-Seal before first use and your suit seals after each use with fresh water to help delay this effect.



Hunter: @timmyeu

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This is not just an antioxidant but also prevents dehydration

Yeah it does both

Hi @timmyeu,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed it and normally I shouldn’t approve it because I’m first not convinced that the product is a fit for our usual product scope (PG2) and because the images are pixelated on modern devices (PG5).

Yet, I am going to be lenient with this one because I like the product and I noticed that only small images exist on manufacturer site.

The hunt is on.

Hmm interesting now more like a neck trainer or should i say sweat trainer

Wow .. Never saw this type of product before , but it is such a cool product to keep our suits dried even when we sweat

I am one human being that sweats a lot and without saying much, I must get this product to help my self. I can’t even wear suits to most occasions that doesn’t have AC installed. This will be great

Wow what a device! How innovative. This is certainly a must acquire!

Quite innovative, the availability of this great tool in different sizes is also good.


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