Pawscout Tag - LB Enabled GPS Smart Tag for Pets

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Pawscout Tag

LB Enabled GPS Smart Tag for Pets



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with the advent of IoT based solutions, monitoring of child care and also pet care has been a lot fact, the healthcare and the transportation industry are among the fastest growing fields in this domain.

how great would it be if we can keep an eye on our childlike pet?
using Iot it is more convenient than ever before.

Pawscout is one such device, with low power Bluetooth enabled GPS tag, which attaches to a pet's collar allows us to track pet in a 200-foot radius.

It is the most viable product I found when I was looking for such a solution. Moreover, I loved the fact that they have a wonderful community.

you can also raise a ticket when you find a pet with a pawscout tag on their website or app.

no monthly membership and real-time tracking with a free dedicated app, that connects with your pet's tag, notifies you when the pet is off your range.

the setup is very simple, only 20 USD for the tag, with a 30 USD you get a dedicated tag with pet name and location inscribed.

have a great day pet lovers :-)



Hunter: @theversatileguy

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It's great to see a great hunt from you and this is my opinion about your hunt


Animals are one of the valuable assets that we must guard, especially dogs. With Pawscout we will have many benefits like:

  • Positions where our pet is out of reach
  • Find our pets quickly
  • To protect our pet from the bad guys
  • With the community we can help each other find our pets
  • Comfortable at the time of use


  • None for this hunt

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Still not correct product name.

edited to - Pawscout Tag

Hello @theversatileguy

Wonderful hunt you made there congrats! Below are my review for this product hunt.


  • Allows you to monitor your pet
  • Helps you to locate your dog
  • You can also monitor your pet medical records
  • It is also waterproof
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Easy to use



I love this hunt!

Hi, I comment on stuff for nature and pets!

No monthly fee because it uses bluetooth
6 month battery life
Size is kind of large for a small dog, even though it's light

Relies on building the company's community:
Even though it's "low radio" Bluetooth signal, it expects Pawscout users to want to be notified of any Pawscout tag that comes into its bluetooth range

200 feet is like 60 m. So it s like a circle of 60m.

Awesome Hunt @theversatileguy

Pros / Cons


  • Never Lose your pet again. The feature is to always know where our pets are.
  • Easy to setup. You can simply put it to the neck of your pet.
  • Available health tracker.
  • There are a variety of excellent features such as community, etc.


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • $ 19 is a very cheap price for a very important GPS tool. Do not lose your pet.

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I like it, it can be good for my little girl :)

Yes!!!! i think we have to take care them,overall when they are restless.

Yeah ofcourse 😀

gps for dog it's important. Very Important!. Good