PlantHive - Smart Garden : urban farming simplified

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Smart Garden : urban farming simplified


climate control PlantHive Smart Garden.gif

remote sensing camera PlantHive Smart Garden.gif


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when everything around us can be smart, why not farming?

why not growing plants through sophisticated methods that are advanced, reliable and promise good yield?

plainthive enables us to grow our favourite fruits and veggies right from the comfort of our home
it comes with a dedicated app, climate sensors, control modules, efficient LED horticultural lights.

they make urban farming - gamified,connected and ecofriendly.

Have you suffered from loss of plants , You homesteaders ?
planthive can be an effective solution



Hunter: @theversatileguy

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It will revolutionize homesteaders today with this technology it will ensure that our plants will grow the right way

We are going to see everything being smart in a few years.

Ikr , it has its own pros and cons though ..😅


  • A product that would allow the total and good use of the remaining spaces of the home.

  • Provides an opportunity for people in urban areas to grow their own plants and at the same time benefit them with obtaining food.

  • Allows the family to observe the development of the plants.


  • None so far.

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