See Sense Ace Rear Light - Protects you and your bicycle at all cost!

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See Sense Ace Rear Light

Protects you and your bicycle at all cost!








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See Sense Ace Light

See Sense brings you their most innovative and interactive technology for the bicycle riders community - Ace Rear Light. The See Sense Ace Rear Light gives the safety needed for the bikers and for the bicycle itself. It's an AI-integrated light device that emits a strong light with an intensity of 125 lumens observable at 200 degrees angle. It flashes light or blinks faster whenever uncommon actions were taken by the biker like crossing intersections and sudden brake actions. It has motion detectors inside the device that adds extra security for the bicycle.

With its integration to smartphone application, it helps user track their riding journeys and levels. Also, you can adjust the brightness of the device using the application. It also notifies user everytime the device needs recharging or run-out of battery energy. Furthermore, it can send warnings to the user via smartphone application whenever the motion sensor detects unnecessary movement of the bicycle - keeping away those thieves around.

The See Sense Ace Rear Light Set is on Pre-order (Save up to $10) on their product site and with the help of 4000 backing individuals from Kickstarter, the device is set to release on late week of August 2018.



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  • AI-based technology
  • Only bike light in the world that react to your environment, detects traffic, roundabouts and risks
  • Unlike other bike lights, ACE is visible in daylight
  • alerts for theft, crash, and low battery
  • Collect information about the bikers' rides ananymously to improve user experience


  • Some negative reviews about the light.

A few days ago I posted a similar product which is already available to buy:


  • Provides a new way to be seen in the city traffic
  • The product looks nice and easy to setup


  • Not available yet

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This is a must have for every cycler :)

Another great catch!
My personal review below :

Pros :

  • It has artificial intelligence which can quickly identifies and reacts in a situation with this it can benefit you and improved visibility
  • It does have really bright lights where it has around 125 lumens
  • It is fully compatible with Garmin devices
  • It flashing patterns can run for about 10 hours
  • You can easily control your light where you can adjust brightness level
  • you will have access to some insights where you can easily check your statistics

Cons :

  • It's a great product which i have no cons on it.


  • I want to have it right now
  • Innovative idea that will change a lot
  • Amazing looking product


  • None

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Must have biker gadget

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