Artec Leo - A portable 3D scanner

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Artec Leo

A portable 3D scanner






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Scan all you can see!

Do you have nothing else to do with your money? Well, this device is just for you and its a very cool technology.

The Artec Leo, this device is for scanning 3D objects. It's perfect to store the exact placement of your surrounding in 3 dimension. Then, you can even print that 3d image in your 3d printer to have a hard copy of that image. Pretty cool, isn't it? This tech is the future of 3D technology.

Unlike any other, Artec Leo can scan 80 frames per second making it the fastest portable 3d scanner on the market. It scans the scenery, big objects and even small objects accurately.

In using the Artec Leo, it's basically just a point and shoot. There would be no need for you to stick targets on it because Leo uses a powerful hybrid geometry and texture tracking. It also support touchscreen and its UI is very user-friendly.

The only downside for this awesome device is it's staggering $25,000 price. But, if you have no problem with money and just want to spend it. Then I highly recommend this tech and scan something using this. You can even scan yourself and print it so you can have that amazing 3D statue of your mighty self!



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  • 3D scanning device
  • Portable
  • Fast, can scan 80 frames / second
  • Supports touch screen
  • Beautiful and user-friendly interface


  • Pricey

Pros :

  • It is the first 3D scanner that can do automatic processing
  • A very easy 3D scanning which you can easily create replication in a very simple way
  • It can able to capture all of the 3D model in every inch and no parts will be missed
  • It has built-in SSD drive
  • It has a cutting edge 3D software which has a simple touchscreen interface

Cons :

  • The cost is really high that only people who really used this kind of thing can purchased


  • This is such a great 3D Scanner, I remember previously from my work from the other department, they are being discussed by group of sellers of an advance 3D scanner which costs $100,000~$500,000 (it was costly since it can process thousands of frames or points per second); this product is very good when it comes to reverse engineering.
  • Such a remarkable 3D scanner that is handy.
  • Not bad at 80 frames per second.
  • The specifications for this 3D scanner is so good, kind of like a state-of-the-art technology.


  • Like you've mentioned above this 3D Scanner comes with a very hefty price, corporates and those who are into this business can afford this one.

Great hunt once again @themanualbot!

HI @themanualbot,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on!


  • An advance futuristic technolgy for scanning and printing 3D objects.
  • You can replicate yourself and print 3D hardcopy it is really amazing.
  • Can scan 80 frames per second
  • The fastest portable 3D scanner in the market.
  • It has a simple userfriendly interface


  • It is costly, very expensive technology


  • Great scanner that can be adjusted for small or big objects
  • Hard copy printing is cool
  • User-friendly, easy to use


  • The price is too much for a single item to buy
  • No warranty

Overall this product is cool, efficient wise, effective and could greatly help us. Great hunt!


  • The product will help people of different groups
  • Amazing looking product
  • The shape of the product looks really good


  • Nothing comes to my mind

Pros :

  • Trading capability is a high-end device and qualification.
  • It has 3D scanning capability.
  • The SSD driver is present.
  • Provides the ability to print 3D images.

Cons :

  • It's very expensive. 25.000 $ Price OH!

pros :

  • This is an innovative technology.
  • This is an amazing technology.
  • This is a convenient technique.
  • This is very simple.

cons :

  • None

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