Undoing - A Human v. Monsters Game with True Gamer Principles

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A Human v. Monsters Game with True Gamer Principles



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undoing is a post apocaliptical shooter game where you are the only hope in the world , this is a game where the not are dlc and when you play the game you are playing the full game this is a game with cool scenaries and a lot of blood.




Hunter: @thanatospharos


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Hi @thanatospharos,

Thanks for your hunt but sadly enough I can not approve it because we only accept games which have an own website.

As per Steemhunt posting guidelines:

7. Games

There are countless games worldwide, and many of them have narrow target customers. If we accept all new games in Steemhunt, our ranking board may be dominated by games. So, Steemhunt will ONLY accept games that have their own website. Please note if you use any app store or game platform (e.g. Steam) URL on the game product link, your hunt will be delisted.

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