The Buttress Pillow - World's Most Bootyful Pillow

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The Buttress Pillow

World's Most Bootyful Pillow





Hunter's comment

I do like butts & I need to be happy when I sleep each night. Now this is one pillow I could stick my face into each night. I wouldn't have to worry about my pillow farting either. I could doze off easily on this pillow. I know I would wake up extra happy each day after sleeping on this. What are you waiting for. Check out The Buttress now.




Hunter: @thabiggdogg

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Keep up the hunt!

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  • A good motivation Pillow for men


  • Its kind of an adult pillow, not suitable for 16 below

a genius creation especially for lonely people

needs a hole


LOL.. I held back on that part. I thought about that after I posted it. I'm sure it will end up modified after it gets bought by some guys.


ahahahah needs a hole XD


I want to sleep a lot


Maybe I don't want to sleep ;-)

The cons far outweigh the pros in this one


  • uncomfortable design (uneven)
  • definitely not suitable for the young ones
  • Using that may feel a little bit awkward, especially for women

Best thing about the product - no FARTS!

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