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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

I will be going through @SteemHunt each day & looking at the post ranked 100+ for the day. I consider those the trash that no one liked enough. Maybe not enough people seen them. But sometimes you can find good things in the trash. That's why I am here. I will be digging through the @SteemHunt trash & provide my Top 5 each day.

While hunting through the trash today my back started to hurt. Then I looked over & found a back brace that is heated by a usb pack. I put that on & felt so much better. Then I found some flu testing kit. Not sure if I am going to put my mouth on it. I found a few other things. Then I jumped out of the dumpster & looked behind it. Some fool left a cool looking eBike behind it. I got on it & rode home with all the cool things I found.

7/3/2018 - Top 5

@ThaBiGGDoGG HUNTs Through The Trash

1 - @randomgoodstuff - PARKIS

  • This is a really great design for a bike storage space saving system.
  • Would look great at businesses to keep bikes organized.
  • Really would help save space in your garage.

2 - @mrposyble - Ellume Home Flu Test

  • This definitely should have been ranked higher.
  • This is like having your own medical lab right in your own home.
  • This is a glimpse into the future of how people will be checking themselves.

3 - @seckorama - Zigee

  • This would be perfect for a home based business.
  • Keeps your phone charged while docked.
  • Very good design that works with multiple types of phones.

4 - @acesontop - Optibike R15C

  • This can travel at speeds up to 28 mph & up to 75 miles.
  • Expensive, but gives you your money's worth of features.
  • This bike should last you a really long time.

5 - @abumaryam - FitBack

  • I have problems with my lower back & would love this for it.
  • This will give you 6 hours of heat. My back is craving this now!
  • Perfect for anyone that has lower back problems.
  • Haven't seen anything that provides heat treatment like this before.

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