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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

I will be going through @SteemHunt each day & looking at the post ranked 100+ for the day. I consider those the trash that no one liked enough. Maybe not enough people seen them. But sometimes you can find good things in the trash. That's why I am here. I will be digging through the @SteemHunt trash & provide my Top 5 each day.

6/29/2018 - Top 5

@ThaBiGGDoGG HUNTS Through The Trash

1@rainbowmeChannelMaster Smartenna+image.png
2@mrposybleAcuRite Atlasimage.png
4@tioGaradget Smart Garage Doorimage.png

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Thanks for your curation post. I actually really like your concept - undervalued hunts. My suggestion for this to make more interested is that you can just write about your reason to pick this product, and give your own score/ranking so that the reader can find out why these hunting posts are undervalued.



I agree.