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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

I will be going through @SteemHunt each day & looking at the post ranked 100+ for the day. I consider those the trash that no one liked enough. Maybe not enough people seen them. But sometimes you can find good things in the trash. That's why I am here. I will be digging through the @SteemHunt trash & provide my Top 5 each day.

6/28/2018 - Top 5

@ThaBiGGDoGG HUNTS Through The Trash

4@cemilekrglnForward X CX-1image.png
5@rabihfarhatKlipsch three wireless speakerimage.png

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Hahahaha!! I like the Chip 😂


I read about it a few years ago when they were gonna come out with it. The bad thing about it is, it gets so hard to even get one. You have people who get them & start reselling them for 3-4 times as much as they paid for them. These were designed so everyone could have cheap devices to build things with. And provide ways for people in poorer countries to have computers. But when people buy them all up & resell them, that ruins that.

Brilliant. Thanks for spotlighting the underdoggs ... the best o the rest.

Can't believe the forward x cx-1 didnt rank higher ... it is luggage that has automatic object avoidance ... self-aware luggage is where the world will pivot! cmon people!! i blame the stupid name, bad branding and bad beauty shots for its low placement by Steemhunt voters.

curious to see if any of your own trash hunts will appear on your best-of list ;0)


They definitely didn't spend money towards anyone to come up with a good product name. Just saying the name you have no clue what it might be. Luggage Follow or anything like that would have been a better name.

Well, I have yet to run across you before so I had to take a look, that trash / treasure saying has always been a favorite of mine and so you got me here just with that.
You might find some trash over on my blog, I crank out one piece of trash a day, not because I care about the environment so much, but because most people couldn't handle more than one daily dose of sultnpapper.
I need to check out some of what you are peddling here, so adios for now.
until next time

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