Roli Beatmaker Kit - Create your beats anywhere

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Roli Beatmaker Kit

Create your beats anywhere


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Hunter's comment

Do you want to make some cool beats. Here is something AWESOME. The Roli Beatmaker Kit is WIRELESS & allows you to create your beats anywhere. This really is an impressive piece of HIGH TECH beat making machine we have here folks.

Not only is it WIRELESS, you can move the blocks around. You can connect your phone to it with their NOISE app for additional features. It allows you to change tracks & do many other things. This looks like a complete kit for you to produce a great beats from. It gives you the hardware to make it with & also the software to edit them with.

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It would have been nice if they would have listed it CORRECTLY. Because it is not a ROLI. That is the name of the manufacture. I searched the product name & it was not listed. It is not called the ROLI.


This has been updated to their Beatmaker kit.

Wow this seems really cool. I might just have to pick one up! Great article you earned a follower in me. Feel free to follow back!

Sorry for the confusion.

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-Create cool beats on the move especially when inspiration comes
-Can connect to our phone

  • Wireless and light so easy to carry around
  • A bit small for big fingers