Mi Mini PC - The World's Most Powerful Pocket-Sized PC

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Mi Mini PC

The World's Most Powerful Pocket-Sized PC




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Tablets are sometimes hard to take around with you. Phone are easy to put in your pocket & go anywhere. But your phone sometimes don't give you everything you may need to do.

Here is the Mi Mini PC. It is small & has Windows 10 on it. It can fit in your pocket & you can take a desktop computer anywhere with you. Now when you travel, you can take this with a mouse & keyboard. Then you can hook it up to a HDTV & view it on a bigger screen.

This would be great for business people who travel a lot. Someone may not want to lug around a laptop & could use this instead. This is price pretty good too. Also you can boot into Android if you choose too.

Overall I think products like this will start selling more. People will be using these instead of Notebooks & Tablets.




Hunter: @thabiggdogg


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Keep up the hunt!

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This computer with a 128GB SSD runs Windows 10 and is only 5" long. It fits so easily in your pocket.

So light weight for the commuter

Upgrades are available for a fee

Leave the laptop at home and get the same job done


None that I can see

Pros: Great little concept of a portable pc..
Cons: a bit out dated in my opinion.


I think Microsoft is working on something like this for their next phone type Surface Device. It should be thinner. Runs a version of Windows 10. And might have dual flip screens.

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  • HDMI
  • Bluetooth keyboard included
  • $300 is reasonable considering hardware


  • It’s huge (fat)
  • Windows

You can probably get linux on it if you wanted. Windows isn't too bad.


It says you can boot into Android 5.1 & for $15 more get Android 7.0 on it. It is setup dual boot already.


Android 5.1 isn’t updated anymore IIRC, thus security issues.

Pay to update to Android 7 hints at they needed to optimize drivers, which may be an issue if you’re hoping for Android 8 (or 9) some day.


I’m a Mac user since more than a decade. No problem with Windows, just doesn’t float my boat.


  • Perfect for good to go people!
  • Mobile


  • Too expensive!

very portable
uses ssd which much faster than hdd
windows 10 pre-installed
decent amount of ram

too bulky
its a hassle bringing external keyboard and mouse

Can be taken anywhere in your pocket
Can operate with windows 10
Great for business people

Price at around 1,100 USD seems a bit expensive


It starts at $189


  • Easy to carry, especially on holiday
  • With Win10, it should be good for most task


  • Too small to be useful as a business tool
  • Pricey


windows so more common to a lot of people


screensize, high resolution makes it very small

Seems like a very cool product

I love the compact size but as a photographer and video editor I need a bigger screen to work on my media. Maybe it will come one day with some kind of projector of some sort.


  • very handy and highly portable
  • very useful for travelers
  • is compatible with any monitors through HDMI


  • The fonts and the icons itself may not be visible enough due to screen limitations
  • the mini pc is handy but the keyboard and mouse aren't.

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good for trend


  • The design is not modern
  • too fat
  • enhancements sold separately.

I know there have been stuff like this from China the past few years. This is why I'm holding of on buying things like this. Microsoft is working on that Surface Device. They say it's not a phone. It's not a tablet either. It's supposed to be dual flip screens. Which means it is probably something like this but much thiner.

This is good for someone who travels & stays at hotels. And doesn't want to bring along their laptop with them on business trips. Someone like that wouldn't mind that bulk, because it's a lot less than dragging a laptop around with them.