Martian mVoice - Smart Watch With Amazon Alexa

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Martian mVoice

Smart Watch With Amazon Alexa





Hunter's comment

Now this is a great looking Smart Watch. It is a classic design. It looks like an everyday normal watch. But this watch has Amazon Alexa built into it. What's great about this is, you would be able to control any smart devices you have from this watch.

I can see more people wearing Smart Watches like this than some of the bigger watches that others have designed in previous years. It may not have all the features as them. But having a classic looking watch, that is comfortable to wear, & features Alexa on it, seems like a winner to me.

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Thanks for yet another hunt, @thabiggdogg. The hunt is on!

@thabiggdogg Could you please use the product screenshots that are only related to the product? You can use your profile image on footer at the hunter’s comment. Thanks!

Smart watch, smart personality....

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