Lifestraw - Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, Emergency

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Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, Emergency







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I received this product from the company a while back to review. I have tested it on tap water. I have kept it to use someday for an emergency. This is something you should keep in a bag if you go camping. This is a product that can be used anywhere from any source of water. It is small & you can carry it with you in your pocket. It can filter 1000 liters which is 264 gallons. That is really impressive for something this small.

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Keep up the hunt!

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For this amazing product

  • Handy
  • Sophisticated
  • The burden of bringing lots of bottled water is eliminated .
  • Very helpful for NGOs or those charity organizations who make missions to remote areas where access to clean water is lesser, since they can just donate this handy Lifestraw water filter to the less fortunate people having no access to clean water.

None, this is a great work of innovation.


  • this will save lives, including your own.
  • really amazing technology to filter like it does.
  • 1000 liters is really good filteration.


  • cost might seems a lot to some people.

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