Glance Clock - All the information you need. At a Glance

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Glance Clock

All the information you need. At a Glance








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It's time to upgrade you boring old clock. Wouldn't you like more information when you look at your clock? Well now you can with Glance Clock. It is a SMART CLOCK. It will provide you information about things during your day. It can connect to your smart home devices too. This will work with IFTTT

This is a 9 inch clock that has a ambient light sensor on it too. You will be able to read it in bright sunlight. It has a mobile app to connect with to configure it. It is a little more on the expensive side for a clock. But remember this is not just a basic clock. There is no other clock like this.

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  • the advantages of this clock is incredible with its unique shape and way of working

  • can help all users to see, with the color of the light is very clear

  • very useful for people to see the time with a very clear quality


  • only the price is too expensive for users who do not have the usual to have a quality clock like this

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