SJRC F11 Folding Drone - Sjrc f11

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SJRC F11 Folding Drone

Sjrc f11


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Sjrc F11 is a drone with 5G 1080p HD camera. This drone can produce clear photo and video. With 2500mah rechargable lithium battery it can be flight for about 25 minutes. The distance of flight is 1200m and height of flight is 120m. There is a transmitter with 2.4 GHz Operating Frequency to Control the drone using mobile phone.



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Hi @tfq86, it looks like your weblink doesn't actually point to the SJRC F11 drone. I couldn't find that actual drone on the website... could you please fix it using the edit function?

ok, it's too hard to find the link that directly point to sjrc f11 drone. but i will try

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@urbangladiator i can't find the edit button on steemhunt.

@tfq86 - go in through and click on this hunt... you should see Edit in the top right corner.

i did it

Posted using Partiko Android this time this kind of drone is very common and popular. Cause this are well modified with more facilities that's why film makers, photographers and others people also choice and use this .thanks for share.

yeah, this is my first time using drone and i am very satisfied using it

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Hi @tfq86 - Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

Please specifically look at Guideline 3. Product Link

Unfortunately only the websites specified in Guideline Number 3 are allowed on Steemhunt.

Please read our posting guidelines.
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ok. no problem. i have tried to find the official website but can't find it.

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