Mind-maze - A logical game based on capturing of the playing field

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A logical game based on capturing of the playing field



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Hunter's comment

If you are looking for a logical game where you need brain work to excel, you should be thinking of Mind maze.

Mind maze is a logical game that requires you to apply your strategy as you build and capture cells of playing field. You
can embark on the single player mode or compete with players online.

Calculate the moves to build a strategy, create a logical trap for opponent.
Be cunning, force your opponent to make a mistake and cover the field like rapid avalanche, carrying you to victory.
Play the single-player campaign or compete with players online. Win and get the championship of the leaderboard!
game features gotten here

Mind-maze official game trailer




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I'm a big fan of this type of games. they are not even that expensive to make. But a solid version is hard to pull off. I almost never try out h multiplayer components. But these type of games provide a lot of value to single players too. The price is great. I wish they had version on GOG.com too.

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I like games that make my brain sweat not just witches running after a running man kind-of-game. I will play this game for sure.

I just played a stage. It's really logical. I love games like this. I play them when I need to think of something; they help me relax my mind. I've added this one to my list of games already. Nice hunt.


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