Enemy Strike - Take back your planet as you destroy aliens

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Enemy Strike

Take back your planet as you destroy aliens



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Hunter's comment

  • In this epic entertaining first person shooter game, you going to make sure you destroy all the aliens who have destroyed and mess up the whole planet earth and some humans leaving in it. Your mission is to make sure you defend one of the last remaining cities after the invasion. Now what are you waiting for, grab your gun and get your mission/hunt started as you battle to give humanity the live the desire.
    You going to enjoy lots of bonuses from watching videos and again you have up to 17 upgradeable weapons and 7 maps, so show no Mercy.

  • Enemy Strike official game trailer

    New version
    You get new free bonus items just for watching videos
    optimised performance.
    Bug fixed

    Enjoy 17 upgradable weapons.
    12 guns/arms to be unlocked.
    5 different game Modes with great graphic and texture.

    Update date: June 4th, 2018.
    Developers: Killer bean studios
    game size: 38.81 MB
    Version: 1.7

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    Hunter: @tfame3865


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    This is a shooting game and battke game for childs . Childrens are very interesting and like to playing this types of war games. It is really amazing game . Your hunt is very beautifull

    The size of the game is so small, meaning this can run in many computers so many people can play it this is good

    remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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    This is the beautifull game about shooting . Because everyone love to playing this type of shooting game. This is the beatifull hunt

    Awesome hunt,

    This game looks pretty much like call of duty. As a FPS game, I won't hesitate to add it to my collection immediately cos I'm a big fan of FPS games.

    Another great hunt from a game freak like myself. This is one of those FPS games I usually play to pass time, this one also looks good though to try out. Stay awesome.

    I love this game it's so awesome. The graphics are great and I have so much fun with this shooting game.i have a lot of other games but this is one of my favorite game

    Although the story of this game is something simple and repetitive I like it because it offers some very good graphics and a very good gameplays, without lags or image loss with a very low weight for a game of this type. In general, it is a simple game but very fun and entertaining.

    The player's goal is to defeat these horde of aliens in the game. The player can also get and used weapons to kill the monsters. This is a superb hunt!

    Interesting game with an excellent graphic development where we will have to box against aliens. Looks like a lot of fun, essential for hanging out. Good hunt

    This game looks pretty cool, trying it out wouldn't hurt.

    I always love such type of shooter games in my childhood and now my kids are fond of playing such games. so @tfame3865 your hunt is awesome. ""Enemy Strike"" is lovely addition in shooting games with lot of attractive features.

    I am really not a gamer per se but with this review, I feel tempted to give it a try. Hopefully, it will be worth it.


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    Very nice game you've got there

    Without a doubt this FPS looks very entertaining and its graphics are a beauty. But the story doesn't convince me. It looks like the typical story of humans against aliens. Good hunt!

    Thanks for share this hunt!