THE G2V PERIHELION - Research-grade illumination for vertical farming

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Research-grade illumination for vertical farming



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if you are into growing your own food in the very near future and you have land you would do no wrong than to check out the guys over at g2v -- they might be research grade but these guys have some of the best gear ready to go and the software to go with it.

Designed specifically for commercial controlled horticulture environments. The industrial-grade Perihelion is easy to install and highly efficient.

Adjustable Spectra
meaning you can adjust the lighting to suit the needs of any particular crop you want to eat (or smoke no doubt)

"One-Click-Sun" Software
you can emulate natural changes in sunlight conditions across different geography and conditions -- all in software!

Ultra-low Power Use
the wonderful thing about led precision lighting -- the ability to use low power led setups and on top of that no doubt solar arrays and batterys -- the lower the power load, the more you can run from the real sun outside! :)


if you are serious about growing your own food make sure you do it with some research class gear, you don't want to have downtime or poorly setup led lighting, do it properly!



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Thanks for this hunt~!
Indoor vertical farming. This could be the future for urban farming tho.

Thanks and good luck with your daily ranking~!

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Great Hunt!


Haha I really do not see a single person using this light to grow food in a non commercial way. Let's just say it as it is: most likely be used to grow weed. All in all this is a great grow light enabling you to customize the spectra via their software powered dynamic spectra technology. On the other hand I have to say the PPF/W ratio is quite low (2,06) compared to other products out their on the market

Do you have any idea about the pricing? Can't find anything on their website about it without having to submit my email.

Keep on the good work!

usual really tbh with companies like this they want large scale, but trust me you'll get a package within the next six months as they realise other markets and verticals -- and your wrong about the food thing. people will use them for food (i'd say it's a 50/50 split between food and weed!)

not bothered about the PPF/W ratio - more interested in the software.

Wow excellent hunting, this product I think it will come great to the people of Antarctica, here I have my personal opinion about this product.


  • It has an innovative and compact design also made of materials very resistant to weather.
  • Unlike other solar light simulators, G2V comes with unique features that examine crops, soil and tell you what would be the best temperature to say crops.
  • G2V is responsible for helping all the user to examine the exact results regarding the lighting of the solar application, besides the use of its energy is extremely low.


  • Its launch price is somewhat high, also the range of its lighting is very small.

Excellent hunting, keep it up !!

This is just my personal opinion

Here is my review for your product:


  • The power use of it is low
  • We can growing our own food easily
  • We can adjust the condition by a all-in-one software.


  • Nothing for this product

My comment:
The idea of it is cool. I like this product.

For this product, I like to mark it as

Good work on hunting, thank for bring us a good product

(Please noted that it is my personal opinion only)

Really i like this product

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