Stealth EV - specializes in electric car conversions

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Stealth EV

specializes in electric car conversions






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i've been following on twitter for a while now and i have to say the quality of the work they are doing over there is incredible -- i mean just look through these pictures for the level of quality of installation we are talking about talking retro cars and electrifying them.

btw, i did get permission to use the pictures on these just in case you were wondering -- is that not the cleanest build you have seen, just think NO OIL on that. .. amazing. .

if you just can't see yourself parting ways with your favorite old motor this might be the way to go, based our of san diego i'm certain their order book must be full -- i mean, sooner or later we are gonna be able to buy this as ready to go kits for the cars that we loved -- what a fantastic passion project to talk about on a blog eh over time and especially to live stream each day.

i think this is incredibly cool and even thou it might cost a pretty penny to pull together, especially because there is no blueprint for this on certain old cars for the build as good as that i think it's so worth it especially for running around in a car that you will NEVER EVER take to a fuel station again! -- on the ethics tip sure, retrofitting is costly but think of the green cred of having this ride and how cheap it would be to run -- your only downside is ya lithium in ya batteries but that's gonna be everywhere soon.

if you have been wondering where to spend your bitcoins or rainy day fund -- well you kinda know where to go now!

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  • Creation of prototypes for any client
  • Creation of hybrid systems and electric vehicles with innovative designs


  • It is a problem not to find the prices on the website.


  • The idea of converting old cars into electric cars is very new and modern
  • Environmental friendly


  • Must be for car lovers who really want to improve their oldtimer


  • Eco friendly
  • Efficient
  • Innovative design
  • Quality of installation


  • None that I can see


  • Retro cars can be maximized in use by converting them into electric cars. Such a great innovation
  • Eco-friendly since the petroleum consumption and enviromental effects will be lessened


  • The licensing of the cars may take time since retroffited vehicles may have lived for decades already.


  • This is a good startup since the automotive industry's trend is going into autonomous and at the same time electrification.
  • Great technology and very eco-friendly since it no longer works for fossil fuels and at the same time would become a hit since governments encouraged the use of electric vehicles especially who now is the leading automotive hub and leads the way in commercialization of EVs and hybrid vehicles.
  • Guaranteed technologically functional products.


  • As of this moment the conversion costs would be too high, considering that there are still less when it comes to electrification, this is my point of view as a former mechanical design engineer in one of the leading automotive suppliers in the world.

Pros :

  • It helps any client when it comes to creating prototypes.
  • It has an innovative design which attracts customers.
  • Exhibits excellent efficiency.

Cons :

  • The licensing took very much process.

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