Solar Stratos - are you ready to flirt with the edge of space?

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Solar Stratos

are you ready to flirt with the edge of space?



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Hunter's comment

solar is certainly one of the tools in our energy efficiency armory that needs to be everywhere, if we are gonna live on a ever hotter planet we need to just crank out that stuff and stop using all the old methods that are having the existing negative effects

SolarStratos is the first two-seater solar commercial aircraft in history and will be the first solar-powered aeroplane to penetrate the stratosphere

firstly, this plane is a beast giving you the autonomy of more than 24 hours with a weight of only 450kg. it's an incredible piece of innovative engineering.

it's an exciting time to be alive with all the technological innovation we have in the world and nothing more so the notion of being able to fly up into the stratosphere, what an amazing experience that would be.

would you be down for that? incredible.



Hunter: @teamhumble

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Pros / Cons


  • The design of the plane is very futuristic, it even looks like "Dragonflies" are ready to fly anywhere.
  • It's A Solar Bird. So this can be used to fly for very long distances due to solar charging. Haha but this will be a period when the night comes, LOL.


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • I quickly wanted to try it, but surely the price of the service is expensive.

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Portable solar for stone, i like this product

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