Ride Cabin - with cloud cabin technology

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Ride Cabin

with cloud cabin technology



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this kinda feels like the airbnb of travel right? fancy website, nice bus, smart technology to help you sleep, i'm super down for giving this a try at some point in life, would'nt you? --- take that trip between LA and SF easily! :)

Introducing the first active suspension system designed specifically with passenger sleep in mind. Combining patent-pending software and hardware, our technology mutes “road turbulence” and dramatically reduces vibration, so you can get a good night’s sleep while on a moving vehicle

it's kinda interesting actually, i wonder if you could take this to the next level and also do regular city to city co-working buses as well, full on internet connectivity, hack days, digital scrims, certainly an idea for those bus services wanting to innovate.




Hunter: @teamhumble


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Cool hunt @teamhumble.. i did so much bus travel when studying in France for a year, to the UK. Something like this would have been great at that point of time. Anf yeah, I'd like to see how far this innovation can reach.


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@teamhumble excellent find, the competition that exists today, among certain travel companies, lead to innovate and seek new benefits for their passengers, if you doubt this product makes a before and after in the mamera of traveling
thank you very much for teaching us great things
I wish you a happy hunt


  • Is the bus ride from LA to SF even long enough for a full night sleep?

this is a great car
make a trip to something that is still at home, the interior that is designed like this is like a barada in the room.

Wow, this could drastically change the way we travel as it eliminates the main problem of traveling which is the discomfort of doing so. I really like that this is like being on a first class plane but on the ground as they even offer attendants for anything we need, and the motion-proof system is really great.

Good job

This is basically a mobile hotel that in addition to giving us the maximum possible comfort at bedtime, also ensures us reach our destination in a super safe way. I love the design of the bus and the room where we can sleep, super luxurious and full of comforts.

Well done.

Thanks for sharing this wellness-oriented innovation, @teamhumble!

What I'm wondering, though, is if they've taken into account the electromagnetic fields impact on the sleep quality, considering that leaving any electric device (a bedhead lamp, our cellphone, a TV,...) plugged in a bedroom is the proven main reason for suffering sleep troubles.


why don't you email them and ask them? cheers! :)

I wish all buses are like this. You'll be like a celebrity on tour. Haha


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