Onyx MotorBikes RCR - 72 volts, 60mph, 45-75 mile range - let's go

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Onyx MotorBikes RCR

72 volts, 60mph, 45-75 mile range - let's go






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yes, i know. i post a lot of electric bikes on steemhunt but trust me they are getting better and better all the time -- taking ideas of design from existing bikes on the market, using better more uprated batteries, new hubs -- as fast as it's made it's already being thrown together on a bike ready to be sold.

not sure what it is about electric i love so much but i know it's gonna be absolutely everywhere in the years to go, it's certainly the future for those super short trips -- i really wanna get rid of my car so much and replace it with one of these right away!

and they already raised the money at 152% of their indiegogo, the bike is available to buy today and be shipped in september of 2018 (this year, when i posted this) -- that's some kick ass bike right there -- i'd love nothing more to own something not only this nice looking but that fast, i can totally see myself with headphones in the early early morning blasting around with a gopro attached to one of these for some vlogging footage.

i'm not sure i've seen another ebike with these kind of specs, that battery and speed alone make this one stand out for me above all the rest, even the super 73. ..

as far as the cool factor i think these bikes have it all - the cost is dead reasonable for the **build quality, ethics i'm not sure but maybe these are custom made high quality components built to order with what i'd expect to be high standards and i hope good working conditions -- if i had the money, i'd buy it today.

' OK '

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Keep up the hunt!
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  • Eco friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Awesome design
  • Energy autonomy
  • Quality build


  • None that I can see


  • The design is great, I loved it, I have not seen an electric bicycle with so much style
  • Good horsepower in horsepower (3.3)
  • Achieves a very good speed
  • Acceleration from 0 to 15 MPH in just 5.4 seconds.
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Steel chassis


  • Not yet available in stores


  • From 0-15 MPH in 5.4 seconds so very fast


  • With 40-75 miles it is not a far distance you can ride


Sleek design
Good for the planet
Front and rear suspension
Sturdy built


None that I can see at this time


  • Very sleek design! More lightweight compared to other motorbikes
  • This is an environment-friendly since it is an e-bike.
  • The accelerating ability is pretty fast


  • The distance coverage is not that long. It can only reach 40-75 miles


  • Great electric motor bike, very innovative, simple and classic design.
  • The speed is very awesome and considerable, 0-15mph in 5.4 seconds, not bad.
  • The price is reasonable to motorbike enthusiasts.
  • Great incorporation of technology which is connected to smartphones running in iOS and Android devices.


  • To others this may be expensive.
  • As for me, I'm a bit skeptical and would want to know the charging duration of the power supply.

Pros :

  • The device is user friendly
  • It is built with quality.
  • It provides great user experience.

Cons :

  • Maybe the longitivity of the product.

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  • I also love electric bikes <3
  • It runs faster than a usual electric bike
  • Eco friendly
  • Now already available on the market yikes!
  • Very handy to use because it very lightweight
  • Quality is good enough that can stand longer


  • None so far since this is available already in the market

Great hunt! Congrats for being awesome! ;-)

I know safety is an issue on two wheels, but if we could get more people out of their big, expensive cars the roads would flow much better. I could commute to work on one of these. Don't even need to visit a petrol station

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