iPhone X S Max - 6.5" A12 Bionic Powered Neural Future

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iPhone X S Max

6.5" A12 Bionic Powered Neural Future



Hunter's comment

$1099 thou, ouch.

it's kinda a game changer thou when it comes to the power this bad boy has got, if your looking for a multifunction device for filming video or taking epic photos then this will one of the best mobile phones on the market to date.

just the amount of processing power this has means that this should keep you ahead of the curve for at least a couple of years, is it worth it? i think for the power you are getting in your pocket i'd say yes, absolutely.

hats of to apple for bringing yet another incredible piece of technology to the world, damn they work hard!




Hunter: @teamhumble


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I saw the advertisement of the Apple everywhere around. As always with this brand I am not surprised at all, I love their products even them are little expensive.

Yeah apple really work hard and yeah their product are damn high than your expectations with varieties of different cool features which worth even more than the price
Great hunt 👍.

The price is ideal as an iphone smartphone. It has superior features for video and photo taking. It peaked at the expected product category of the year. Apple again produced a quality phone. Great hunt.

Yesterday's presentation of iphone productd was very beautiful. They made phones that can fill everyones expectations. I must say that @teamhumble you are quite good at hunting technological products and introductions. You follow all the innovations. Thanks for this beautiful hunt.

Finally, they made it bigger, no doubt this will be on my shopping list because I really love the increase in performance and software improvements that have been given to their phones, I think that the screen of this Xs Max will be the most incredible never seeing. In general, I like that they have not made so many aesthetic changes but have added more attractive colors while retaining a design that was criticized but all (or most) ended up copying (As always)


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