conscious OS - Meditate. Play. Earn. Give

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conscious OS

Meditate. Play. Earn. Give


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Hunter's comment

i think we are going to see a massive amount of 'niche' products this year around the whole OS monikor -- being everything around a particular topic, games, multiplayer, meditation but global, focused on one thing from a variety of different verticals.

A transformational technology platform designed to elevate human consciousness through AI-driven meditation, therapeutic techniques and contactless biofeedback. At home or at work.

with the addition of AI algo's this should really bloom into an interesting industry powered by technology improvements.


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I wanna believe this will help people understand their true spirit but I'm afraid it's not easy to reach that level of consciousness... But I love the idea so you got my vote :)


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I like the idea of using AI to improve mindfulness and there is big potential in this industry like you said. You mentioned 'earn' what do you mean?

An intriguing idea ...
Incorporating AI into meditation. I wonder how the AI meditation differs from the usual one.
The social part of this also amazing.
Net impact will be improved metal and physical health due to reduced stress and anxiety.

I think I need this app to do a good meditation after working all the day. I am gonna try it.
Great hunt, brother!

This is actually something I've been thinking about for a while (not that I'm particularly intelligent or spiritual), I think everything is conscious but in a way that we can't comprehend, I think the conscious energy we obtain moves about in the same way heat energy does and when we die it is our brain that has died and the energy moves on (I'm not religious either). I've heard that our nervous system uses electricity so why wouldn't electricity, for example, be conscious? Very arrogant to assume only we in our surroundings are conscious. But this is just what I think and I'm happy for anyone to disagree or explain why I'm wrong

I’m still kinda lost, how exactly does this work lol


maybe meditate on it.

I would like to experience AI meditation a lot! This would be so interesting! Plus, you can get rewarded, while the meditation by itself is a huge benefit! Excellent app!

Conscious OS is indeed a very advanced idea which covers the meditation part for human. Well designed and very smartest project to better serve for humanity. Thanks for a great idea.

You know what?
Meditation is someone we are taught to live a more fulfilling life.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all


You you can enjoy meditating, knowing that you even earn from it apart from the real benefits of it. This platform lets you raise your level of consciousness and benefit in more ways than one. I think this is absolutely useful.

Technology for human mind, a human OS to help develop human consciousness powered by AI tech


AI ftw, i welcome the overlords.