Aws S3 Backup - backup system for desktop environments

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Aws S3 Backup

backup system for desktop environments



Hunter's comment

say what you will about amazon (greed?) and electron (memory bloat) at the end of the day i still use both of them because they work, sure they might have both issues that they need to address across the board but quite simply, this does what it says on the tin, backup like dropbox and google drive to s3! :)

This app allows you to use AWS (Amazon Web Services) S3 as backup system for desktop environments. Like Dropbox or Google Drive app you can backup your important data on AWS S3. This desktop app allows you to configure 3 different types of backup job (One time, recurring, live) to backup your data in an S3 bucket. This is a cross platform app, built with Electron, so you can use it on Windows, Mac and Linux.


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This is a great backup system for your desktop. You never know when you might encounter data loss or hard drive failure. This will keep you safe! Thanks for the hunt :)

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