WhaleFolio - Free Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Application

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Free Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Application




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Whalefolio is a free cryptocurrency portfolio application.
In this application compare your portfolio and see if you are a Small Fish or Whale.
İt is always sync your portfolio with your exchange accounts.
This app iscompare your portfolio represented by a creature in relation to the Whale.
This app is 100% free.




Hunter: @tarikhakan55


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Another crypto wallet. Thanks for sharing this @tarikhakan55. See my personal reviews below :

Pros :

  • It has some features where it will instantly update your portfolio on your wallet since it will syncs automatically to big coin wallet exchangers with the likes of Coinbase, MyEtherwallet and many others. The only thing that the user will do is that they will just add their public address and it will automatically be shown.
  • It has a very simple graphics user interface (GUI) but really very organized wherein you just see them in one look and all is there.
  • It also provides very convenient integration with some crypto currency exchangers with the likes of Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex and many others that are not mentioned where you can easily set them up with the use of API. A better way to do trading which you will never be engaging on manual transactions anymore.
  • What really makes it advantage compare to the other wallets is that it supports more than 2000 cryptocurrencies which other wallets does support yet.
  • This application can be downloaded free on App Store and Google Play

Cons :

  • There are still in need of more functions to make it an all in one wallet.

I am totally agree with you, i think in the near future they will add new features and functionalities. Thanks for your review ;)

thanks for your positive reply. =)


  • It is free, do not need to pay
  • The compare function is great
  • Support many currency


  • There are similar product already

You pointed to the important ones for many peaople, thanks for your comment ;)

Hi @tarikhakan55,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Thanks a lot, i am used to see animated large mod comments :) when i see your comment i should check via discord if the username is correct hahahaha. But now i know it thanks again.

Heh. Anybody can use such an image, in fact, there’s even Steemhunt members who have started to use badges in their pro/con comments.

I personally prefer a simple note. Thanks for your hunt! ;)

Congratulations on your verified.
Its good application I think.

"Whalefolio" - I like this name, because being a big whale is my ultimate goal in Steemit lol

Try to be a whale with all coins :))) its an ultimate dream of us

  Nice hunt you got there
  full of possibilities
  neat product
  amazing technology
  good support from product team

  none that I can think of

Lots of apps out there and it is hard to choose one. I read the comments above. This one looks promising.

  Nice hunt you got there
  pleasant user experience
  full of possibilities
  benefitial for community
  sophisticated design

  Nothing comes to my mind

You can save all your coins in one wallet its a good option :) Thanks for your review and comment


What is this sign...

I liked the application very much and made me happy because it was free :)

Thanks your comment

This app is 100% free.
right choice


  • Easy Exchange Integration
  • supports about 2000 currencies
  • 100% free


  • none that i can think of

  Another great hunt
  simple and easy to use
  lots of features
  amazing design
  reliable support team

  Nothing comes to my mind


  • Integrates well with 3rd party crypto trading platforms like coinbase or myetherwallet, which is really awesome and makes it easy to see your portfolio value from multiple sources
  • Clean and easy to use user interface


  • Nothing for me; it's just a portfolio tracker


  • This whalefolio tracks who's the large influences in the cryptocurrency
  • Opensource, thus it is free for crypto lovers
  • Able to access to various cryptocurrency exchanger
  • You can organized and customize your btc and altcoins
  • Easy and convenient


  • None that I can see here.It's kinda similar to Blockfolio

Good review thanks a lot ;)

Hi~ @tarikhakan55 , Good Hunt~
I think it's a really useful app. Thank you

Yes very useful. Thanks


  • Great opportunity
  • I want to have it right now
  • The product will help people of different groups


  • I can't say anything bad about it

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