CryptoGAG - Increase crypto money profitability with analysis

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Increase crypto money profitability with analysis



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If you are interested in Crypto money, this program is for you.
CryptoGAG analyzes crypto-money. Then it gives a signal when it comes to points of buy and sale.
The stock exchanges used by the program are Bittrex, Binance and Poloniex.

There is a website and an android app. It's nice to have this product's application. So it can always be checked.

Here is the Play Store link if you want to give a try:

In addition, it is possible to become a monthly member in two steps. Monthly membership is 0.06 LTC.

If you give a try please don't forget to comment here below.

See you on the next hunt!



Hunter: @tarikhakan55

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Pros :

  • It does offer full scanning of cryptocurrency markets in a 24/7, keeping you all day and up to date prices on your crypto portfolios.
  • It does offer automatic sending of notifications, keeping you well informed always.
  • It has many options that you can select from where it does provide a tracking options that will able you to share notification that can be used to track website and mobile applications.
  • It is available on Google Play

Cons :

  • It is not free since you will be paying monthly.

Thanks, it has been a very good review


This just reflects my personal opinion!


  • promises to be profitable


  • i see a huge problem in such signal services since they just lure people in with no clue about cryptocurrencies with their promise to be profitable (if you wanna trade learn trading)
  • costs 0.006 BTC (more than $37 USD) on an annual basis

I think it could be a little cheaper

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looks cool might get it

I agree. Thanks



  • very useful tool to make profit from crypto markets
  • increase your profit
  • cheap price


  • concern about if it will work

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@tarikhakan this use full tool for traders...thanks

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