Fabula Organic Pencil - A pencil that grows into a goji berry or tea plant

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Fabula Organic Pencil

A pencil that grows into a goji berry or tea plant



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Hunter's comment

The Fabula Organic Pencil is the most recycled and eco-friendly pencil in the world

To begin, the pencil is made of recycled organic waste; specifically, discarded tea leaves and coffee grounds from cafés and flower petals discarded by florists

These materials are processed and then wrapped around a graphite core. The pencil is sturdy with a natural but fine grainy surface

Designed to be sustainable, the pencil shavings can be used as compost and can be added to any potted plant.

When Fabula gets too short to use, simply activate the stub in water and soon you'll have a young goji berry, forest strawberry or tea plant. The new plant grows from a seed hidden in the very top of the pencil.

Fabula is indeed a pencil that nurtures nature




Hunter: @sylviaspence


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I never new a product like this exited. I see this as an awesome product for users to try out

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & This really a good way to reuse waste material. As pencile uses woods for its cover in this scenario we are also saving nature.
Here is my opinion-


  • A Good way to recycle
  • Eco-friendly
  • recycled organic wastes


  • None

    Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)


Indeed @amar15, this product is not only created from 100% recycled materials but it in itself is completely recycled. It is also very affordable.


That's really a great technique.
Thank you so much for sharing with us @sylviaspence :-)

This is very interesting and innovative. Very unique as well. Never heard of a living pencil until today. Good use of recycled material and adding a seed makes it that little push toward uniqueness I like.


"A living pencil"; that's exactly what it is. Thanks for your feedback @thraellock


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