Nest Cam IQ - A smarter way to look after your home

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Nest Cam IQ

A smarter way to look after your home





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This camera can be used as a smarter way to look after your house. It can be attached to a wall or ceiling.

It has a high quality lens and a digital sensor which can alert you when it sees an intruder.
Moreover, it can see in the dark and can zoom in on a person and follow them. With Google assistant installed in it you can communicate with your home through your phone.

Nest Cam IQ comes with a subscription



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smarthome compatible
good picture quality
well-known brand

Similar offers from other companies that are cheaper


  • Compatible with app
  • Night vision
  • Motion tracking
  • Quality resolution


  • Price


  • Excellent image quality
  • Incredible face recognition
  • Can track intruders around a room


  • Heavily reliant on a Nest Aware subscription


  • modern way of look


  • It is very expensive for this kind of camera
  • It states just for indoor use. This would mean no protection against rain etc.

Doesn't need rain protection anyway.


Good brand and have a solid App, support multiple platforms.
Great quality of videos and pictures
Support night vision and motion detection mode.

a little pricey.

worth to have it.


Like the other Nest products, this one is also nicely designed, support Nest App on different platforms. I like the design and the look very much.

price is a little high like other Nest products.

I do not recommend interior cameras or listening devices that are on the Internet. Use a wired DVR or other network recorder, and keep it off line. You don't want devices inside your home that can and will be hacked to violate your privacy.


This will bother me too if in case it happens. Privacy is the most important thing to me.


Another great camera to help you build your smart home.
App well supported
Price is not too high consider what you're getting

None from I see

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  • Essential for home security
  • Works in the dark
  • Alerts you immediately


  • Expensive price