The Daily Wellness - Achievable self-care goal for the day via text

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The Daily Wellness

Achievable self-care goal for the day via text



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The Daily Wellness sends you a self-care goal of the day. Receive one, simple goal to do daily, no more, no less. You also receive suggestions on how to accomplish the goal. The Daily Wellness has community, you gain access to an exclusive community to share your journey and get inspired. You you can reply “done” to the texts when you finish the activity to track your progress.


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Great hunt dear friend
This is really a great way to complete different daily tasks.
Thanks for sharing with us.

The daily wellness is nice hunt that we can use everyday

This will be really good to get daily tasks/goals to do to stay active.

Having a system like this that focuses on achieving small daily goals may be key to changing some big habits. Most of us do not take care of ourselves because we are too busy and this service helps deal with that.

Wow! What a great app you have searched. I have seen many types of apps like this but this is so good as this will be more helpful for students who wants some achievement in their. Great Hunt!


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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