Microsoft Soundscape - A 3D map delivered in sound - SEE with your EARS

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Microsoft Soundscape

A 3D map delivered in sound - SEE with your EARS



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Hunter's comment

Hi everyone:) Today I’m going to introduce an amazing app which uses INNOVATIVE AUDIO-BASED TECHNOLOGY to enable us to experience our surroundings with sounds. 🎶 This app is particularly useful for people with low vision and blindness as it enables them to build up self confidence ! :)


  • This app calls out roads and the key points of interest automatically when we’re walking. However, it’s DIFFERENT FROM a step-by-step navigation app because it uses 3D audio cues to let us connect with our environment more intuitively and improve our ambient awareness. 💬 While “Around Me” calls out 4 points of interest in a 360° sweep, “Ahead of Me” calls out 5 items ahead of us.


  • One of the most important features is “THE AUDIO BEACON” !!! All you need to do is select a destination, and then you will hear a bell sound when you’re facing directly at it! The point of interest can be a landmark you’re familiar with, or your destination :)



  • Microsoft Soundscape can RUN IN BACKGROUND. If you want some silence, just double tap with 2 fingers on the screen and all call outs will be cut.


  • This app can COMPLEMENT OTHER NAVIGATION AIDS such as guide dogs🐕 . The app wouldn’t lead you physically to a destination, but it knows perfectly well where your favourite shops and restaurants are!



  • Want to hear more about your previous callouts? No worry! You can always find the information in the expandable Callout History section!!


  • It can be used GLOBALLY! 🌍 You are able to know exactly where you are and what’s around you even when you’re travelling.


Let's see what people are saying about this incredible app:

Microsoft Soundscape really helps. I believe everyone should have the SAME right to experience the world, either with his eyes or ears. Just wear your earphones and put the phone in your pocket, and you're ready to go!

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Hunter: @susanlo

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  • This app is great and FREE to use forever.
  • It can tell you about anything around, in front, that passes, and where you stand.
  • Very useful for the blind. Of course because this can provide an actual explanation of where and what is around us.
  • Its application is very easy to use, with just 1 tap to start.
  • Voice Recognition. Various commands to the application can be done by voice.


  • Nothing. But while this is only available for iPhone only.

My Opinion:

  • Actually I am still a bit confused with how microsoft can create this kind of application. But anyway this is a very useful app, especially for people who have vision problems.

Thanks a lottt for your detailed review! Haha this is a great app :) yup it seems it’s not the business scope of Microsoft LOLL! The app is a product by their dedicated research team with cooperates with some guide dog organisations, maybe they wanna expand their business scope! ;pp

Pros and Cons
-Awesome stuff for the less ables
-Technology should be used to help the needs

-The sound might mask the surrounding sounds?


Thanks for your comment! Haha you’re right that the call outs may mask the sound around the user, but the app does not make sound all the time, yet I agree it’s something the company might wanna improve!

Hey, @susanlo this is very help product great hunt

Here is my review


  • An innovative way of learning maps
  • Support audio 3D system
  • Support location buttons
  • The app runs in the background to minimize battery use
  • Simple ways of finding methods
  • Overall cool hunt


  • No cons are found

Here is something for your Hunt


Thanks a lot for yor review!! :) cheers!

• can provide the right location
• very useful for needs

• there is something that might disturb his voice but I do not know it


thanks for reviewing :)

What do you call a Hunter who’s followed our posting guidelines and is now eligible for a @steemhunt upvote??… YOU! Well done, and thanks for hunting!!


Thanks a lot for your time and effort! :)) I'm really glad it's approved!

This is my opinion about your hunt


  • The idea is very brilliant, because the product can foster confidence for our friends who are less good in seeing. With this innovative audio technology like the whisper of an angel guiding you into the right path. Microsoft Soundscape will really be a super hero for those who are less able to see.


  • Maybe if the ANDROID user can feel it this will be great

This is the value I give to your hunt


Thanks for your review and appreciation!! I’m glad you like this great app which can benefit a lot of people :)


this is very useful :)

very good one . SEE with your EARS Thank you so much Hunter Susan ~~~~ ;)


Thanks a LOTTTT Mellisa!!! haha I believe it will improve people's life standard because the users can experience the world in a way similar to the others! Cheers:)

Awesome app, good hunt here @susanio I'm so getting it right away.


Thanks :)

• can hear more information
• can be used even in the background

• the sound is too annoying


Thanks for your review:)

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Thanks a lot :)

Hello! Hope you're doing ok, Susan!
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