PlatformIO - alternative to Arduino IDE

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alternative to Arduino IDE




Hunter's comment

If you had tried Arduino IDE, you will know that Arduino IDE could be one of the worst IDE. There is no code auto complete, all the files written in .ino format instead of .c or .cpp. In addition to that, you can only debug your code once you had compile it, and it only shows in command line, but not on the code editor itself.

PlatformIO could solve this pain! I had done a project with PlatformIO, where my codes are written in C++, and all the codes are seperated into individual files with Object Oriented concept.

About PlatformIO

PlatformIO is an ecosystem for building IOT project with Atom Text Editor. This project is open source and support more than 400 embedded boards including Arduino and Atmel chips.

Key Features

  • Open Source Github
  • Integrated with IDE (Using Atom)
  • Support code syntax highlighting, code autocomplete and compile time check.
  • Error checking and display in the source code editor on which line the error is.
  • Making multiple files for bigger project.
  • Can directly transfer compiled code to the board.

Final thoughts

This is a great open source tools integrated with Atom IDE, I had been successfully build a large scale IoT project with this library!

This is the project I had done with platform IDE, a solar boat with more than 10 sensors, using Arduino Mega.



Hunter: @superoo7

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  • Many people looking forward for something like this
  • Well done
  • The product will help people of different groups


  • None

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I love the promise this give, though I'm a beginner, I will give it a try.

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Pros: The best overall is the Open-Source, and the autocomplete feature.
Cons: Need time for newbie like me to understand hehe.

Pros :

  • It does support multiple architectures and development platforms
  • You can easily debug more than 200 embedded board with no need of configuration
  • It is a cross-platform build system that does not required any dependencies to the operating system
  • Can process multi-projects workflow with multiple panes
  • You can select themes you like from dark ones to lighter ones
  • A more reliable and improved IDE for developers
  • It is currently supported on Mac, Linux and Windows

Cons :

  • I have no cons for this

Wow, it looks cool.


  • very useful for who have diffuculties in Arduino IDE
  • supports code auto complete and error checking
  • can process multiful files


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.

这个IDE看上去比Arduino IDE舒服多了。

arduino IDE超烂的


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Based on the banner, don't knew that PIO extension for VSCode now has peripherals debugger. That's new to me since last time I only know that peripherals debugger only available in Atom extension.

Btw, nice boat! Curious what sensors you plant there.

I din know it's on VSCode also hahaha, I was using Atom IDE. The sensors I used are 6 Ultrasonic sensors, Temperature sensor, Turbidity Sensor, pH sensor, compass, gps, and also dissolved oxygen sensor.