Asphalt 9 :Legends - Play the latest racing game on android , ios and windows

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Asphalt 9 :Legends

Play the latest racing game on android , ios and windows



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The long awaited action racing game is now available on android , ios and windows platform. Test your racing skills against other players in multiplayer events or play solo in the career mode.

Unlock vehicles from different manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mazda, BMW and many more.

There are more than 50 cars to unlock.

Explore Different locations around the world

You can create your clan/group/ community which includes other members and help each ohter grow.

Download links are:
windows store:
play store:
ios app store:

Play and Enjoy the game !



Hunter: @sunendra

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Hi @sunendra,

While occasionally it can be sufficient to post a product just with title, short description, and images... I don’t think it is in this case.

This hunt, for a game, would need a little bit more introduction... description before I can consider approving it.

Please let me know via a comment reply when you’ve updated your hunt, so I can re-review it.

@fknmayhem i have updated the post, please check it our

There are varieties of challenges that you can try and finish. Earn coins and points from the game. There are also lots of cars that you can collect. Win from various of races so that you can buy cars in the shop. With awesome effects of the nitrous and the game that you will experience.

Excellent hunting @sunendra, I had the pleasure of playing previous versions of Asphalt, but this is inclerable. Here I will leave my comment on PROS and CONS.


  • Your graphics are simply exceptional (3D), plus the sound makes you feel like you are really behind the wheel
  • Its gameplay is very good because in this version they have fixed their sensitivity with the accelerometer of mobile devices.
  • Bring different game modes, and have a dealer of more than 30 cars that you can modify to your liking.


  • Its size and features are only for high-end devices.
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Wow, this was a release I had been waiting for. Been a fan of racing games, from the likes of need for speed variants, gtracing, and the asphalt series.

Gameloft would surely have lot of features included in this one, and I have to check it out, only if I have the data plan sufficient for downloading it...