RovR RollR Wheeled Cooler - Perfect Choice For Cooler In Camping

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RovR RollR Wheeled Cooler

Perfect Choice For Cooler In Camping



Hunter's comment

RovR RollR lets you cool the items wherever you go for outdoors. It is perfectly designed in different compartments that holds the ice and place the products to cool. The RollR can be wheeled wherever you wanna go. Place the product inside and go and enjoy the time with your friends and families and when you return back drink the fresh and cool products. It is just perfect for outing and during holidays. Just eat and drink fresh.

RovR RollR is perfect treat for those who goes for outing having fun chilling outside and at the end fresh and cool products to enjoy.



Hunter: @sumanthp

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(1) It has high density foam insulation.
(2) It has the capacity of upto 10 days ice retention.
(3) It has also got the deep freeze compartments.
(4) It has air tight gasket.

Thank you....steem on that hunt.


  • Can work in all types of terrain
  • Deep freeze removable dry bin
  • Airtight gasket and rubber latches
  • Removable storage bins
  • Cons

  • None
  • This is a very good product, a great fridge with enough space for different products, very useful