Date Helper - Don't just go on dates, get feedback & learn from them!

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Date Helper

Don't just go on dates, get feedback & learn from them!


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Hunter's comment

This is one of the coolest applications I have come across so far! It is a life savior for the people who are going on constant dates and do not figure out what goes wrong. You can create a unique feedback form for your date. Once your date is over, send them the form with all the customized questions. Their honest feedback will help you to get better and learn from your mistakes. You can get direct feedback about the things your dates liked or disliked about you or your behavior. I think they should make such app for interviews as well. ;) Amazing application! User tinder to find dates and use this app to improve yourself.



Hunter: @sugandhaseth

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I downloaded this app yesterday to test it and also post it as a hunt. I will definitely open it again and see the awesome features forced my next date. Good one

Hi @sugandhaseth,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Cute idea... will never work and will offer counter-productive advice to people after dates.

Yes, sometimes you might go on a date with someone self-aware enough to be able to offer meaningful advice as to what went right or wrong...

Most of the times, it is NOT the issues that you could point to that determine attraction or a successful date, but it's the emotions that a person feels and then finding the facts to justify those feelings.

Ex: Women often say they want a tall man, it is not necessarily that they want a tall man, but rather they (generally) want the sense of security that a taller man can more easily provide. Where a shorter man who expresses those same traits might not receive the same criticism.


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