Pummel - Mobile App to find personal trainers and fitness experts

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Mobile App to find personal trainers and fitness experts



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A new mobile app loaded with the best personal trainers, health coaches, fitness and wellness experts in your area and nearby

Get tailored advice from real people, qualified fitness experts and forget the pre-recorded workouts. Once connected, we also improve the service that fitness professionals offer by adding key technical solutions that are unique to mobile applications, such as inApp communication and reminders.

Great app tro improve fitness

Dedicated apps available

its simple and easy to use.

great user navigation features




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WOw this thing is really amazing!!!!!
It can find best fitness experts and trainers for you while you lying on bed.
Amazing hunt!

Good Evening @stupendoustrio

It is a wonderful idea to get the fitness trainer where ever you go. Pummel enables the user to remain in touch with his/her routine of workout under the supervision of professional trainers.