Hypersolar H2 - Sun + Water = Renewable Hydrogen

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Hypersolar H2

Sun + Water = Renewable Hydrogen



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The HyperSolar H2 Generator device passes all tests: 294 hours of hydrogen by stable photoelectrolysis of water and it's just the beginning. New record in the production of ecological hydrogen.

To use this product you need water and sunlight, when heating the water with sunlight produces hydrogen and this is the fuel that gives us the opportunity to have a renewable and clean energy.




Hunter: @stmitbackpacker


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This is new for me @stmitbackpacker, nice hunt dude.

Even though I haven't received moderation, I have decided to give full support. why ?, because this will be very useful for the future and can solve a majority problem.

But, how about the price?, i am sure this one is very expensive.


Thank you for your support, I hope that this type of products will be built on a large scale in the future. Followed


renewable energy is always "The Best Invention" in my view. hehe i hope so :)


I agree and was wondering about price myself.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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I love that it uses natural energy and resources to make it work. You can never go wrong with nature,great hunt.


WOW, Girl i love your videos. I never miss them
Thanks for your support. followed

Hey nice to see your this great hunt.This is so usefull product.its really so lovely its will help lot people thanks for sharing this great hunt.keep it up...


Cool hunt @stmitbackpacker! Photoelectrolysis of water is an interesting concept.
Clean energy using water and sun?! Helllll yea to that!

very interesting to note that efforts are being made to produce renewable sources of energy. Thanks for the great hunt.

Chemical based idea. No doubt one of the nicest idea of the day from my view point this one is hunt of the day. Keep it up .

Cool hunt. Only water and sunlight to produce hydrogen that can turn to fuel to give energy. How fantastic. Great for the planet.

Pros and Cons
-Cool design and green energy
-can be world wide deployment

-the hydrogen maybe unstable

I like how this company is using the technology of solar panels for this features is the first time seeing this product, seems very helpful

Never heard of this concept before. Very innovative. It is always nice to see renewable energy projects, and this one looks quite serious. Passing all test and having stable photoelectrolysis. Great one.

It's a groundbreaking technology. One of the hurdles to mass adoption of alternative fuels is accessibility. If this technology can be scaled to produce hydrogen fuel inexpensively and near or at a car refueling station itself, it could go a long way to making it a more acceptable alternative to the public. Hopefully, this could happen sooner than later.

Hypersolar H2 looks like a great Hydrogen Source and it is also eco friendly because it has solar energy. Great hunt.

Hypersolar H2 looks like a great way to get Renewable Hydrogen by sund and water, It may be pretty expensive but Perfect hunt.

A great hunt...
Hydrogen fuel is the future and this convertor uses solar energy to produce hydrogen. That is really cool.


Yes sure, Thanks for your support, followed

Awesome hunt

Hydrogen is in abundance in this world ,water being an important source of hydrogen can be used to make hydrogen fuel ,which will be renewable and environmental friendly .

best of luck

Very nice, this renewable energy is great invention because hydrogen fuel is precious thing in future.

Awesome hunt

It is really innovative and has much value for experimental purposes and practical purposes for energy generation .

great hunting @stmitbackpacker

Every time the progress is shown that takes mendiante to the advances of the clean and free energy to produce fuel without risks to damage the planet :)


Getting hydrogen on using solr
Different thinking
Most innovation products

Cool hunt!
This is a really innovative idea! I like this so much as this product is really environmentally friendly! Nice sharing!

Excellent hunt


We need so much hydrogen in future
That is come from solar
New idea




totally agree, we need more hydrogen

Super hunt. Devices that work for the good of the planet and people are always welcome. Mankind will have to increasingly focus on environmental protection devices.

Solar energy is a great help for the people that it is impossible for them to get electricity by electric cables

Using hydrogen as a fuel brings more power than other fuels. Producing it just with solar panel and water is amazing idea and seems easy. I hope it can be developed further.

Hydrogen usage area is very large so this product can be really helpful for them. Usage is simple idea is great. Bigger one can produce much more. Great hunt.

This looks useful and eco-friendly. It gives us renewable and clean energy. What a great product!

Hydrogen fuel is one of the best way to meet our energy needs and that's what makes this hunt very special. Great work.

Lovely Hunt you shared and congratulations @stmitbackpacker for its approval.

"Hypersolar H2"

It is no doubt a wonderful product that i heard from your post. amazing idea and a very simple without about no cost. I appreciate to the inventor of this product and thanks to you for made awareness about this. keep hunting.

I do not know why we continue to use fossil fuels, if the renewable energies are cleaner, cheaper and are for everyone

Great hunt @stmitbackpacker I work with a renewable company and know about solar panel system. I never know this kind of product. A water and sunlight technology that when the water heat by sunlight, it produces hydrogen. This will gives a renewable and clean energy fuel.

How did you get all these details ? Because when I click on the link given, it just takes me to the site, but does not show the product named Hypersolar H2. I tried to click on the link for the commercial use, but that is still being worked on. However, looking at the details, looks like this is going to be a great invention to meet our fuel needs in coming days.

I love produccts that are producing something really useful for the world. Think that they build a huge one of this product. It can produce easily hydogen fuel enough. Great idea.

This one can be really useful now and in the future! Ecological produce hydrogen with the help of sunlight!!
Awesome hunt!!!

with this stuff, we can get a good renewable energy. This is cool then. Will watAch the video to know how it works more

Great product for the environment. Getting renewable Hydrogen from sun and water by Hypersolar H2 is a perect way. Thanks for sharing.

I am glad to see a renewable Hydrogen Source. Without any doubt, this deserves to be Rank1. Congratulations.

This can be a new fuel source for our cars maybe. Although hydrogen has significant advantages for use as fuel in vehicles, much more research needs to be done to replace benzine. I hope we can see that too.


Great Hunt!

The hunt was really helpful and innovative. Having renewable hydrogen coming from our used resources was really great.


I am continually amazed at the products that keep appearing on the market in the renewable energy world. It is amazing. We are seeing thousands of items which people can use to recharge things.

Thank you for the hunt.

Hydrogen the fuel of the future.It is abundant in nature and less damaging to the environment.Great hunt @stmitbackpacker.

Hi @stmitbakpacker

"Friendly to the environment, hydrogen begins to be considered with great potential to be a source of energy for the future, since its combustion produces water vapor and, therefore, is not polluting. Great source of energy is."


Great Hunt, Thank you for share, Regards!!

This is amazing.
Hypersolar H2 combined both sun and water to extract its power.

Hydrogen all the way

Hello @stmitbackpacker,

With the every passing moment of the life, innovation is touching the peaks of life to make an ease for the humans. Hypersolar H2 is the most advanced and innovative idea to produce the Hydrogen by photoelectrolysis of water. This is the most effective and productive method for the production of renewable and clean energy.

Overall an outstanding hunt :)

Wow superb idea:
Sun + Water = Renewable Hydrogen. I am so impressed. No doubt this is one of the best hunt of the day.

Hi @ stmitbackpacker, this is a fantastic hunt.
Water electrolysis with the help of solar energy is a great idea.
There is always enough sun and water.
Clear (ecologically) hydrogen is obtained.
The device is simple and hydrogen is an excellent source of energy.
This is just the beginning of the hydrogen revolution.

this is cool, can help people to get stable energy, thank you very much for your hunt, steem on

Great hunting, with this product does not cause harmful effects to planet earth. A clean fuel is what is needed.

Most lovable Hypersolar H2

this device is very impressive, By heating the water Hydrogen is produced and it provides clean energy. I think its technique great.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

wow great hunting !!! I think this tool is needed to produce a clean environment and the use of renewable energy in the present and the future

I am not a chemistry guy. Never got high marks in chemistry but when my elder daughter watch this hunt she was so happy and also appreciated it.

Another word for cool please.... This project is nice

More like renewable energy in another dimension.... Awesome Idea

Great hunt! Amazing product to make and produce Hydrogen from the solar energy to reduce the future problems

Such an amazing hunt @stmitbackpacker. Our country is a tropical country that is very much suitable to Solar cells and batteries. With this advancement, this will totally help boost the sector. Thanks

It is fascinating to see how every day they look for ways to take care of the planet and to obtain renewable energies, it is a wonderful product and I sincerely hope that initiatives like this one multiply with the time, it is a great hunting.

This is really cool,if this is mass produced and also in larger sizes we wouldn't need renewable energy anymore

Wow great hunt
Hypersoler is so needy electricity in recent time, its a great opportunity for us from the Scienc, thansj

Great Hunt, could be a money maker with the stock only at $0.01 cent.

Nice Thanks

Products like Hypersolar H2 must be more common for environment. Perfect hunt.

One of the best posts of the day. Awesome thanks for sharing

GREAT HUNT, solar energy transformed to another type of energy, is fantastic. Congratulations

Great hunting. I will always vote in favor of products that contribute to the environment and I can not miss this.

It efficiently uses sunlight to separate hydrogen from any source of water to produce clean, environmentally friendly renewable hydrogen.


Thanks for your upvote @deisip67,
I think these products will be more popular in the future, I can imagine hydrogen factories in the oceans.
With a minimum percentage of co2 emission
Followed :)

A perfect innovation for the human benefit. With this technology, we can renewable all the source to become the source of energy.

This absolutely a very good invention... Surely an amazing additional tool to improve the earth´s ecosystem.

Excellent tool for the future. Good hunting.


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Ha! I think with this the future is really bright

This will change the game forever, awesome hunt @stmitbackpacker

Can't wait to see this technology implemented worldwide!

This is really awesome, motivated hunt !

Cool, helpful and innovative hunt

Great invention.. produces clean energy that is good for the environment. We should be aware of this invention...

This is awesome project! Great help to everyone

Great Hunt!

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