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Monitor your competitors



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Monitor your competitors, understand what's selling, and find promising affiliate partners with Gumspy. Unlock a database with extensive data on all bestselling Gumroad products. Using Gum Spy you can easily analyze who your main competitors are and what they're doing. Using Gum Spy, you can find out how much money you can potentially make by selling a certain product in a specific category.


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A good one for the business to see around and even track the competitor. useful hunt for businesses

Great hunt dear friend
This is really a useful tool for the bussiness owner through which they can grow their bussiness.
Thanks for sharing with us.

it's a good way find a good bussiness partner/affiliate for yourself.

Best of managing your site or business to keep eye on competitors and you can boost your work to stay in front of your competitors nice shared

Presumably this spying tool only works on spying on other sellers of Gumroad products, rather than sellers through amazon and other affiliate marketing programs?

I am using similar tool for blogging. I am watching my niche competitor and that tool suggest me to do something different than competitors

Monitoring competitor is a good way to success in business. But you have to work hard to success your business.

I think this is gonna be a great tool for affiliate marketers. watching competitors and do something better is most important.

Gumspy promises to be an efficient tool to monitor the Gumroad market & pick up affiliates.
Interesting Hunt. @stepbrother
Thank you!


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