Zuus - Battery phone case that allows you to charge everything!

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Battery phone case that allows you to charge everything!


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Hunter's comment

How would it look like you had a case for your iphone and it was both a case and powerbank that you could plug in and charge any device on it?
Zuus is what you need.You can connect to the usb port your earphones
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or your mobile phone
bandicam 2018-11-16 16-14-18-294.jpg
or even your speakers to charge everywhere you are.
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Very useful gadget for iphone holders.




Hunter: @steliosfan


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I have approved it :)

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A case for phones with an inbuilt powerbank ...hmmm this is what have not seen before. I wish to have this for iphone

An iphone case that supports to charge your devices with fast and easy to use. You'll not worry to bring another powerbank in your bags but it only need this case to charge any devices that you want.


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