Energitree - A renewable energy platform for free energy

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A renewable energy platform for free energy


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Αt the time we live, the energy begins to become more and more difficult with natural resources to be reduced.For this reason, many have turned their attention to solar energy and wind power.
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Energitree uses both of these powers.It is easy to transport and to install and can produce 1800W from the wind power and 600W from the sun power.You can connect with any battery type.




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This would greatly impact in tthe life of the ecosystem

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Nice hunt, not only does it combine both solar and wind use, but it also looks aesthetically pleasing. Much better design than solar trees.

Lovely design for the energitree, so that it can utilize the wind and also the sun's energy to generate electric power. This could really be helpful for people living in off-grid areas that have no access to electricity.

Ωραία πράγματα μας δείχνεις . Μπράβο !


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